Interested in how the beer installations are made and how they work?

Despite the fact that beer has been produced for couple of thousand years, nowadays it is manufactured with the application of the most up-to-date technology. Demands of end users with refined taste make manufacturers to constantly work on improving the products. There is a tendency to make a product with the longest possible shelf life. The consequence of all this is modernization in all parts of beer production industry. Since they are some of our most important clients, Maytech is present from the very beginning in the breweries. During our presence, we worked with the best beer industry equipment manufacturers GEA TU Brewary system, Krones – Steinecker, Alfa Laval, APV, Kieselmann, Centec, Keofitt... Works have been performed: introduction of new technologies, i.e. replacement of outdated lines, construction of new plants, extension or better exploitation of the existing capacities and other works related to the production process and installations.

A list of our clients at home and abroad is a list of almost all breweries: 

  • Heineken Srbija (Novi Sad Brewery, Zaječar Brewery, Weifert – Pančevo), 
  • Carlsberg Srbija (Čelarevo Brewery), 
  • Morson Coors Brewing Company (Apatin Brewery, Trebjesa Nikšić Brewery),
  • Prilep Brewery,
  • BIP Brewery Belgrade,
  • Peć Brewery, 
  • Efes Kazakhstan,
  • Carlsberg Russia.

We have considerable experience in all phases of manufacturing process, as well as in cooling related to beer production.





Whether for a future project or to obtain more information on about our company, you may contact one of our offices and our devoted personnel will quickly put you in contact with the person who can best satisfy your needs.

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